From the Pastor’s Desk

What Do We See?

We are wading through territory that hasn’t been around since 1918. From 1918-1920 a potent and deadly wave of influenza infected over a third of the world’s population and ended the lives of up to 50 million people on earth. And now in 2020 we are dealing in real time with a world-wide plague, COVID-19. To this point, world-wide there have been over 320,000 deaths.

Every life is precious, and long before now every believer should have had that truth cemented in their minds. David, the author of Psalm 139 wrote, “I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Is it possible that one of the hard lessons we will learn during this time is that everyone that crosses our paths will live eternally? Either in heaven or in hell. There should be an awareness that every single life is precious, and our responsibility as the church is to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mark Dever, who is the senior pastor of the Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., wrote something that literally knocked me back in my chair, primarily because it was simple, yet very profound.  He wrote, “We plan for so many less important things; why not plan for our evangelism?” What a tremendous statement and question. When was the last time we prayed for an open door for the gospel? The Apostle Paul’s life was sharing the gospel and living for His glory.

In my lifetime, there have been at least two great opportunities for the gospel. The first was 9/11, and the second we are all living through together. There is no doubt that the Lord of all creation is in control and trusting Him daily should be the banner of the saints. While that is quite comforting, our responsibility to share with others about THE HOPE that is in us should dominate our thoughts and prayers. Lord, please help us to see people and their need for You, O Lord. Make us bold to proclaim Your gospel.

Thaddeus C. Blount

II Thessalonians 3:1-3

May 2020


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