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From the Pastor's Desk

The Providence of God ... I still believe that God cares enough for His children that He often intervenes into the affairs of our lives, to help us when it seems that there is no help to be found.
My wife, Glenda, and I departed Birmingham a couple of weeks ago to fly to Seattle, Washington; I was to speak at the Park of the Pines Bible Conference for 5 nights beginning on Sunday evening.  We departed on a Saturday afternoon, with a planned change of planes in Denver, Colorado.  Because of severe weather in Denver, as we approached the city our plane was forced to circle and wait for the storm to pass, but finally the pilot informed us that we would be landing in Colorado Springs for refueling.  By the time we refueled and waited our turn to take off, we were almost 3 hours behind schedule to land in Denver.  Obviously, our connecting flight to Seattle had already departed without us.  We were told to go to the nearest customer service desk and find out how they would get us to Seattle.
The concourse was crammed with hundreds of passengers who had missed their connecting flights as well, and the lines to speak to an agent were 50 to 75 yards long.  When we finally were able to speak to an airline representative, it was almost 11:00 p.m., and the concourse was closing down for the night.  The agent we finally spoke with informed us that all flights to Seattle were booked and the next flight with seating available was 5:30 pm the next day (Sunday), and would not arrive until after 9:00 pm.  I informed the agent that the conference started at 7:30 Sunday evening, and I then pleaded with him to find us a flight to Seattle that would get us there in time.  He insisted that all United flights were full until 5:30 pm Sunday.  He even told us that the nearest economy hotel/motel was a $60 cab fare one way.  Then he closed his desk and left.
My wife and I sat in a lonely concourse that was rapidly closing down.  We were stranded in Denver with no flight and no prospects of a motel without a 30-minute cab ride if and when we  found a cab.  We sat quietly for a few minutes – each of us were praying silently.  I asked the Lord, “Father, I don’t know what to do.” [My invitation to that conference was to be a fill-in for my uncle, Dr. Jim Raiford, who was very ill in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was unable to travel, so Glenda and I were going in his place.  We were the subs and now it seemed that we too could not make it to Seattle, especially for the opening night of the conference.]
My prayer continued, “If you want me to be there to minister Your Word to those people in Seattle, please help us find a way to get there.  I have no doubt Lord that You can do this, and I can trust no one else.  Please help us, Lord.”
When I opened my eyes, I looked across the concourse, which was extremely wide because of the walking escalators that were running in both directions down the middle of the concourse.  There across from us was another United Airlines service desk, and a woman was still at her work station with no customers in front of her.  It was erie ... there was a light shining on her as if to put emphasis on her.  I told my wife, “Let’s go talk to that woman over there (pointing across the concourse).
When we arrived at her desk, she smiled such a wonderful smile and said, “Can I help you?”  It was like a cup of cool water.  I responded, “I sure hope so.”  We explained our situation, and she said, “Well, we’ll just have to find a way to get you to Seattle by tomorrow afternoon,” and then she went to work on her computer checking flight schedules – she looked at everything, and every airline, and then said, “Do you mind flying Alaska Airline?”  I told her I’d sit on the floor if necessary!  “There’s a flight out at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow that will get you to Seattle at noon; how’s that?”  We both responded, “We’ll take it – no matter what it costs!”  She told us there would be no charge, and that United Airlines would transfer the funds we’d already paid for the flight to Seattle.  Then we asked about accommodation.  It was almost midnight by now, and we did not relish a $60 cab ride to some place that far away from the airport.  She pointed to our right and told us that through the doors was the Westin Hotel.  The rooms were pricey, but when you add $120 cab fare to the $100+ motel room, we would just about brake even, plus we saved all that time going and coming in the cab.  She called the Westin for us and made us a reservation.
I looked at the woman ... her name is Joan, and I thanked her for her kindness and help in finding us a flight and a place to get some much-needed rest.  I remember telling her that she was an angel of mercy.  And I asked her if she realized she was being used by our Lord to answer our prayer and give us the help we needed so badly.  She smiled and said, “That’s the part of my job I love the most.”
We were in our room and in bed within 20 minutes, after thanking Him for His providential love and care.  The Lord taught us that night that He has human agents everywhere to help His people in time of need. 
A God of Providence? ... absolutely!
George Maronge, Jr.
Associate Pastor
September, 2017